afterLogin and new returning data

HI, when I login my user with this endpoint: /parse/login I’m getting bunch of data.
Now it’s possible in afterLogin trigger costumize returning data?

Parse.Cloud.afterLogin(async ({ user, original, object, triggerName }) => {
  const userClass = new _user.User();
  const result = await userClass.afterUserSave(

  return 'test';

this is my trigger, and i expect that afterLogin endpoint will return test instead of that i’m still getting bunch of user data.

In others triggers I’m able to costumize returning data eg. afterSave object. But i don’t know why afterLogin trigger does not do that.

You can’t change the data returned by the login endpoint and the trigger actually runs async. You can see the related code here: parse-server/UsersRouter.js at 4c29d4d23b67e4abaf25803fe71cae47ce1b5957 · parse-community/parse-server · GitHub