Any best practice for making the restful api document with detailed concrete objects?


I found the parse server restful api document:

But for my specific projects, I have already defined all the tables (collections) with detailed info, is there any best practice for making the restful api document for those detailed concrete objects (classes) ?

Something similar to Swagger but easy for parse server context?

Thank you v much.

Do you mean auto-generate the RESTful API documentation? Parse Server itself does not have this functionality.

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Yes, the generation of RESTful API doc. Understood and thanks v much!

BTW, I found below link and hope it is helpful to the people needed:

Hi @xeoshow It would be very helpful if you Can you brief how to integrate it with the existing latest parse server or parse-example repo.

Hi @manish.yes , I just found that, but did not really use it yet.