Anyone reselling parse services under a differnt name?

Do you know of anyone that has take the parse code base and reselling it un der it’s own brnd name?

Do you mean without disclosing they use Parse? I’ve never seen. But for Parse Server hosting, there are some companies (all of them disclosing they use Parse): parse server hosting - Google Search

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Yes I mean without disclosing it. Is that bad or disallowed?

As stated in Parse Server’s license

  • Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this
    list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

  • Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice,
    this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation
    and/or other materials provided with the distribution.

So, yes, redistributing Parse Server without disclosure is not allowed.

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Yes, we have come across commercial providers that seem to be using some version of the Parse codebase, without disclosing it in their license or terms. This indeed may be a violation of the Parse license and we are discussing internally how to respond. A copyright policy violation is a serious offense in virtually every jurisdiction and can lead to a costly law suit.

May I ask why you ask? If you know of any such service, we would be interested to know.

Could you let me know which ones you’ve come across ?

We do not intend to reveal such information for legal reasons. Also, the purpose of this discussion seems unclear. Maybe you want to rephrase your question to get the specific answers you are looking for.

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Thanks. Appreciate that . Thank you
ok will try to re-phrase it - just a see a lot of simliiar looking services around, so am very curious.

Thanks again.