App ID + Masterkey not changable in production

I am running Parse in bitnami docker containers on digitalocean VPS. The problem I am facing is that i can’t change the enviorment variables for the appID and masterkey without breaking the dashboard.

If i change the AppID and Masterkey then I get a blank page after the login screen and some errors in the console (unautorized). I am able to use the new appID in postman directly. I have checked and the key is getting set in both the dashboard and parse-server container, both ‘docker logs’ show the same appID.

Using the containers locally, i am able to change these variables.

Leaving the variables default on my vps makes everything work as well.

My compose yaml:

I tried everything under the sun the last 6 hours and really hope i am missing something really stupid.

Once you have changed app id and master key in Parse Server, you also need to set the new values in your Parse Dashboard configuration file.

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