Big server/app upgrade. What to look out for / Compatibility resources...?

I’ve need to upgrade my client’s Parse-based app and server. The server is currently on 2.7.2 and it looks like I can go up to 5.x on my host (NodeChef). I’m guessing there is a similar leap for the iOS SDK.

That’s a big upgrade and I’m wondering if there is a way to pre-empt the compatibility issues? Is there a chart somewhere about version compat for Parse Server / Node / SDK?

Also the app is presently write-only to Parse. Am I correct that there is no need in that case to migrate (Mongo) database structure? The incoming objects will manage that on-the-fly, right?


We just went through a similar thing and it was relatively easy. Things that we had to change:

  • S3 config moved to process.env
  • The promises are no longer Parse specific so you can (but don’t need to) move to async await
  • We needed to migrate a lot of cloud code away from old style request.success to returning a promise (or a success value it you use async/await)