Build Parse-server image from Dockerfile

Hello, I have a project where I’m using a docker-compose to start a Postgres instance, parse-server, and parse-dashboard. I want to build parse-server from the Dockerfile within the parse server’s source code.

The service comes up, however, I would get the error - Server not reachable: unauthorized: master key is required when trying to connect to the server from parse-dashboard. When I switched to the image from DockerHub, the server was connected without any issue.

It seems to me that the dockerfile from the source code is building an older version of parse-server. For the project, I need to build the parse-server service from the dockerfile in source code rather than pulling the image from DockerHub.

I’m using GitHub actions, which checks-out the repo and builds/pushes the image. Any suggestions/help on how I could build the image with the most recent version of parse-platform through GitHub actions would be so appreciated.

Please refer to the link below