Calling current() on subclass of Parse.User

in the documentation, there is an explanation of how to use custom user class but calling current() on the Custom user class returns Parse.User instead of the Custom class.
this is my subclass:

export default class PUser extends ParseUser {
constructor(attributes?: ParseUser<Attributes>) {
// some property getters ......
the way I call it to get current user:
const currentUser = PUser.current();
currentUser here is not an instance of the subClass

subclass is already registered :
Parse.Object.registerSubclass('_User', PUser);

I didn’t post this on the repo directly because I moved to the JS stack in general recently so I am not sure if I am doing it right

completely out of topic:
do you delete inactive accounts in the forum? because I just re-registered my account using the same email and username (my last visit to this forum was in April so it is not along time)