Can a fallback s3 storage be added?

I’m using digital ocean spaces (analog of aws s3). Once there was an issue in my region and the files were temporarily unavailable. I’m thinking if it’s possible to add another s3 bucket from another region as a fallback if the current one is giving 500 errors?

The current files will still be unavailable, but at least the upload of new files will succeed.

Are there any best-practice solutions to s3 bucket outages?

For static files that don’t change frequently you can use an “IMG proxy” like so, this service will cache your files. On your client-side app just add this service URL before the “Parse.File.url()”.

I use this service and Cloudflare, so, I have two layers of cache for static files: Cloudflare (cache) → IMG Proxy (cache) → S3 storage.
This approach reduces the S3 egress costs too.


That’s a great tip. Thank you.