Can I get some help logging in with Apple from Backend?

I apologize if these forums are not made for technical help, I’m just having some trouble authenticating with apple. I am using the front end to sign in to Apple, and then send the access token to an api where I’m performing the login and sending back a session token.

With Facebook, it was pretty straight forward:

let facebookAuth = { 
    id: facebookUserId, 
    access_token: facebookToken, 
Parse.FacebookUtils.logIn(facebookAuth, { success: function(user){
}, error: function(error){

With Apple, I tried doing this:

let authData = {
        apple: {
                token: "",
                id: ""

Parse.User.logInWith('apple', { authData: authData }).then(function (user) {
}, function(err){

I get a 252 error: This authentication method is unsupported.

My guess is that the authData is not formatted properly but I’m not sure. If anyone can help out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.