Can I have multiple Parse-Server connected to the same redis server?

wish to know more on this and if yes, anything i can setup?

Yes. That’s possible. You can have multiple parse server instances connected to the same redis server. That’s actually the best way to go in the case you need to scale up live queries horizontally, for example.

Hi davimacedo,

Thanks for your reply. But if those parse-server are actually coming from different apps, is that possible as well? I’m not sure how parse-server naming their data in redis. Will them prepend something to differentiate it is coming from different parse-server app?

It actually depends on for what you are using Redis. As long as I know Parse Server concatenates the appId in the beginning of the key for most of the features.

I got use normal Parse-Server + Live Query Server + Push Adapter.

Will some custom auth data impact the redis?

I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure Live Query uses the app id in the beginning of the key. Need to check Push Adapter but I believe it concatenates as well.