Can't get schema

Im trying to get and alter the schema on a class but I just get errors.
if I do this, I get

const mySchema = new Parse.Schema('bookings')
await mySchema.get({ useMasterKey: true })

ParseSchema { className: 'bookings', _fields: {}, _indexes: {} }

An empty schema
if I do this

const mySchema = await new Parse.Schema('bookings').get({
      useMasterKey: true,

I get the schema back, but any operation I try gives an error, like

TypeError: mySchema.deleteField is not a function

I assume it something simple im doing wrong?

or is it an issue with the server/client im using? this is all in node environment.

“parse”: “4.1.0”,
“parse-server”: “5”,

You are making the wrong calling,

First one:

await… x.get

console.log(x)=> it still query not result.

Second one:

You can get result but you didn’t have a query. You were trying deleting op on the result, not the schema query