Cloud Code as Serverless Functions

I see that this question was broached when flovilmart was onboard however there wasn’t any real conclusion drawn.
I tend to rely heavily on Cloud Code and use REST / Graph QL without a client side parse lib.

I have visions of carving up my API into single functions that can be deployed individually to Azure / AWS / Netlify /

My concern main is with cold boot times, would they be too slow? Anything more than a 500ms cold boot I would consider to be too long.

Has anyone tried this? Here is a very simple guide to Azure. My preference would actually be 2 or Netlify.

How are you planning to build the serverless functions? If you try to embed the whole Parse Server and run the cloud code function as we normally do in the monolithic approach, you will probably have a a large cold boot time. I’d try to build each serverless function as an isolate module that only have installed the Parse JS SDK for a low cold boot time (if it is your main concern).