NodeCommand is no longer used on AWS (Parse Server Example)

This is a minor issue, but deploying the sample application trips up on AWS due to:

Unknown or duplicate parameter: NodeCommand

I believe NodeCommand is no longer used on AWS (was previously depreciated in favour of Procfile but I think it’s gone altogether now.

This can be solved by removing this line and the one below in the example.

Hope this helps someone! Do we need support for older versions of AWS EB in the example?

Thanks for reporting. Would you mind to open a PR with the change that you are suggesting?

No worries mate, I wasn’t able to submit a PR previously for some reason hence why I opened this thread. PR submitted now though! Thanks!

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For reference, the PR link.

Thank you @mtrezza. I have used parse server on many AWS deployments, and never had this issue. On my latest project on the latest Node platform, it fails to deploy.

And you’re right, I didn’t open the issue because the permissions on the example repo. Thanks for your work in referencing this issue!

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I was not able to reproduce this error on the newest versions:

Node.js running on 64bit Amazon Linux
Platform version 4.15.1
Node.js version 12.18.3

However, since this is now classified as an official issue, we should keep discussions related to the issue on GitHub as to not fragment the conversation. Thanks again for discovering and reporting this issue.