Cloud Code won't take in DateTime from Flutter

I execute my cloudcode like this

//Here is how I modify the date
  getDate(String date) {
    var currentDate = new;

    var dateParse = DateTime.parse(currentDate);
    date += " ${dateParse.year}";
    DateTime formattedDate =
        DateFormat('EEE, MMM dd - HH:mm aa yyyy').parse(date);
    //var fixDate = formattedDate.toString();
    //fixDate.replaceFirst("", "T");
    //formattedDate = fixDate as DateTime;
    setState(() {
      finalDate = formattedDate.toString();
  createJob() {
    final ParseCloudFunction function = ParseCloudFunction('createJob');
    final Map<String, dynamic> params = <String, dynamic>{
      'work': workName,
      'date': workDate
    function.execute(parameters: params);
Parse.Cloud.define("createJob", async (request) => {
    let workplaceName=;
    let ticketDate =;
    let Job= Parse.Object.extend("Job");
    let job= new Job();
    job.set("workplace", workplaceName);
    job.set<Date>("eventDate", ticketDate);, {
        useMasterKey: true

After all this I get back 2021-04-12 16:10:00.000 when I need it to be 2021-04-12T19:10:00.000 and it to be in DateTime for Parse to recognize it and I don’t know how to fix this because back4app won’t take in the date when it is in DateTime form. Anyone know how to fix this issue of the DateTime not being able to be uploaded when it is formatted correctly?

Parse Server always stores the data in UTC. That’s probably why you have the time difference.