CMS for Parse Server

Hi everyone,

Are there any (Open source, preferably?) CMS platforms that can hook up with Parse server?

I came across Chisel CMS, but it seems to have deprecated a while ago now.

Basically, the requirement is: a sophisticated, non-developer friendly version of Parse Dashboard, to perform SCRUD operations, with a flexible UI. So that, the CMS can be rapidly configured and provided to non-developer users for manipulating data.



I think an inbuilt CMS via dashboard could provide solid benefit to new developers, especially being able to click and create blog posts, comments, etc. I’m not entirely sure if we’d want to support that out of the box, so we’d have to discuss that with the core team. I would be happy to add it to my list if there’s a viability, but personally I think there are a number of dashboard improvements that need to made that have a higher priority than that, such as:

-mobile support
-user specific roles

I do like the idea of generally making Parse Dashboard more accessible for admin / content creation users who are not part of the dev team.

I couldn’t see any problem with adding a WYSIWYG / Markdown editor to the dashboard, but considering the keys are up to the developer (e.g post title could be “title”, “Title”, “TITLE”, etc) this could get increasingly messy. A CMS section of the dashboard (like Config) where predefined data sets for Posts and comments could be beneficial, but again, I would imagine it would be a major feature build.

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I think there is no available. Chisel project looks abandon, and I don’t see any other alternative. So, I think you need to develop your own in order to provide a more user-friendly interface.

Have my eyes on 2 open source projects that could be used to implement a custom CMS/Admin panel:

  • Marmelab’s React-Admin
  • Appsmith

I am going to try to use them for my projects. But, i believe a senior developer could even make this process automated: generating a full-fledged CMS based on existing schema + optional config parameters.

Hi All

Steve Schofield here, I am the owner of Chisel CMS, which turns parse-server into a powerful headless CMS.

You are correct that we were forced to pause development on it for a while due to certain circumstances.

However a) the app still works, I still use it personally b) it’s open source and would be totally open to contributions from the community and c) could easily be convinced to invest further into Chisel if there’s demand.

If anyone has any questions or requests, I’d be happy to hear from you.


Hi @r3trosteve, thanks for your message here!

Quick question: Upto which version of Parse Server is Chisel CMS compatible?


I think 3.9 was where we left off, but I can take a look at the upgrade path to 4.x

From skimming the release notes I don’t see anything obvious that would be a breaking change for chisel but I would need to check.

Follow up on this thread, we have performed various maintenance and dependency upgrades for Chisel CMS and our Parse-Server starter project template (with support for parse-server v4.5.0) that is Chisel CMS ready.

In the Chisel CMS Releases there is also a notarised and code-signed electron-based client app (MacOS) and a windows executable.

I’m planning to continue maintaining and actively developing the app as we have some active use cases that perfectly fit the combination of needing a headless CMS combined with custom cloud code functions and the broader parse-server features.

I welcome any further ideas, feature requests or support on the project.


In addition to Chisel, you might want to check out Retool. I happened to try it out yesterday for the first time and it was rather good fun.

You can connect it with your Parse Server via the REST and/or GraphQL APIs. It does require considerably more technical knowledge to setup than a turn-key CMS but is highly configurable and can be used to build any type of internal tool you can imagine.

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Signed up just to give this thread a reply.

Can’t take you enough, @r3trosteve! Will most certainly try out Chisel. Right now I have a setup using TinaCMS along with Parse in order to provide realtime editing, and I think that having Tina for quick edits + Chisel for more ellaborate tasks will make a perfect set for our project :heart:

PS.: I’m reading the history post of Chisel at Chisel CMS - a headless CMS use-case for Parse-Server - #2 by r3trosteve and as an Open Source contributor that’s quite inspiring! :metal:


Thanks for the mention. If you need any help with Chisel CMS, let me know!