Conditional email verification

I have two groups of users, one of which needs to have email verification and the other doesn’t.
Is it possible to mark some users as verified, without having to send the email?

Did you try a beforeSave/afterSave cloud function on Parse User class, and force the email verified value during the object creation ?

I just tried that! Even though emailVerified is now set to true, the email is still being sent!

I think a proper solution would mean not to “fake-verify” a user’s email address in a beforeSave, but to explicitly not require it.

There may be use cases where a user converts from one group to another, where email verification is suddenly needed. A fake-verified account could not easily be distinguished from an actual verified account.

Please feel free to open a feature request in the Parse Server repo and maybe look into Parse Server’s email verification mechanism, specifically the UserController and we can explore possible concepts.

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