Could you please validate my idea?

Hello! i am considering adding a cloud files storage feature to my iOS mobile app. So could you please confirm that what i am thinking is possible and easy to implement?

  • Host parse server/dashboard/mongodb on a digitalcoean droplet
  • Host files on digitalocean spaces (amazon aws s3 compatible files storage system)
  • Use parse sdk to manage users and apple id login
  • Give each user space qouta and calculate how much space he is using (how should i handle this? it’s a code that should be processed by the server and not from the client side) so does parse allow me to add such functionality?
  • Allow the user to upload files and download them whenever he wants and from multiple devices.

I am still thinking if i should go with parse or hire a backend developer to achieve this.
Thank you in advance!

I believe this architecture will work. The main challenge will be the quota calculation. I’d try to use the beforeSaveFile trigger to calculate the file size and update the quota.