Create new Parse.Object with customId from client sdks

I’m trying to create parse objects with predefined id’s. I know that it can be done using the rest api and the allowcustomid flag on the server, but I wonder if there is any way to do the same using the JS SDK (or any other).
Why I need this?
My project will need to keep a main instance of Parse with all the data running on a main server, and from time to time a new Parse stack will be deployed on a local network with only a subset of the “main data”, and this data will need to be syncronized back to the main parse. The idea is to already have the id’s created on the main instance, so I can just pick the subset of data that I need and fill the new “local instance” with the data. So I need to create all the objects but with the same id.
I know that there are other ways to accomplish this: create an “external id field” on the local parse, so I can just reference it, but as parse already allows to use the same id’s for the REST api, it would be great to just use it and avoid more structure and sync potentials problems.
This Parse instance will only need to make updates, no creation of new objects.
Thanks in advance

Currently, it wasn’t implemented with client JS SDK. I have created an issue for this if you want to take over for it. Feel free.