Custom email change flow

I would like to build a custom email change flow.

It should work like this:

  1. The user triggers an email reset from the front end.
  2. The server sends a link to his mailbox.
  3. The user clicks on the link and is redirected to a page with 2 input fields where he enters the new email.
  4. The server changes the email and sends another confirmation email to both new and old addresses.

Can some seasoned parse developer outline what needs to be done? If I can do it I’ll share a detailed walkthrough here.


I started with adding a custom route.

pages: {
    enableRouter: true,
    customRoutes: [
        method: "GET",
        path: "/change_email",
        handler: async (request) => {
          return {
            file: "invalid_verification_link.html",

The file is a dummy just for the test.

Yet, I get an unauthorized error when visiting the route below:


and this one


The html is located in the public folder.

Why am I getting 403 and how to get permission to access this file?

Thank you.

I went the other route:

  1. User initiates email reset on frontend.
  2. The request triggers this cloud function that sends the user a random code via email and saves the number to DB.
    from: "Excited User <[email protected]>",
    subject: "Confirmation code for changing your email",
    text: `Hi ${}. Your confirmation code is ${randomCode}.`,
  1. The user then has to input the number received via email into the frontend.
  2. Another cloud function compares the input number with the one stored in the DB, and if they match updates the email.

Thank you @dblythy for the awesome cloud email send function.

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