Custom _User class config

Hello team,
Here I am wondering how to achieve the following scenario?
I have Superadmin access Who will create schools
Each school has its own User like the school admin and school staff.
As user table is a global table How Can I allow the same username for different schoolid ?

My User Attrib :
full name

In that case, I can use the phone number to register the user. but what if I don’t use the phone number?

I’d concatenate schoolid + username and use it as the username in Parse.

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Yes, but when the user needs to log in from the app there is the common login screen, and he/she has to enter schooled along with id right? Or do I need to set a short unique code for each school right?

Hi @manish.yes,

In you use case i can suggest to first display a “search” or a “select” on the common login screen. School name and ID could be public. Once the user has chosen his school he can now enter his username. Then you call the login with SchoolId+username.

In your use case the login needs to be performed in 2 steps.