"dismiss" function on signUpViewController


I am having problem with “dismiss” function of signUpViewController with my iOS App.

The original problem is that for iOS 13, a keyboard that automatically appears for signUpViewController doesn’t disappear even when “dismiss (x)” button (on signUp VC) is tapped (when user cancels signUp). The keyboard stays all the time for whichever viewContoller that are shown afterwards (the only way to get rid of it is to restart the App!).

Since I couldn’t figure out why it has this behavior for iOS 13, now, I have been trying to use “signUpViewControllerDidCancelSignUp” to hide the keyboard before dismissing (cancelling) the SignUp screen. However, I cannot get the “DidCancelSignUp” function being called. I followed the instruction on:https://docs.parseplatform.org/ios/guide/

And I added something like:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------func signUpViewControllerDidCancelSignUp(signUpController: PFSignUpViewController) -> Void { print(“User dismissed the signUpViewController !”)
view.endEditing(true) //to dismiss the keyboard before dismissing the signUp VC
self.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)

However, this function has never been called when “dismiss” button is tapped. All the other functionalities of signUp seem to work fine so far.

(I don’t have these problems at all for loginVC: I don’t have this strange behavior of keyboard not disappearing for loginVC when it is dismissed. In addition,“logInViewControllerDidCancelLog” works properly, that is, it gets called when loginVC’s dismiss button (x) is tapped.)

Would anybody have any idea why “signUpViewControllerDidCancelSignUp” function is not called? Has the name been changed? Also, any idea about why the keyboard doesn’t disappear when “dismiss” button is tapped on SignUpVC?

Thank you very much,

If you’re still facing this issue I would suggest you open an issue in the iOS SDK repo on GitHub.

Hello, I couldn’t find a direct solution for this problem, but found other way to deal with it. Thanks anyways!!