Do I need a cache adapter?

I’m planning to selfhost parse server. I will start with a small server and put a reverse proxy in front of it. So I can add more servers in future and scale horizontally. But I read somewhere I need to set up a cache adapter (redis adapter in this case). But I couldn’t find a source.

Do I really need a cache adapter for multiple parse servers? If yes, why local cache wont work?

Redis is needed for Horizontal scale of Live queries, but it’s totally optional and can be added later for the cache system.

Thanks for the answer. I don’t use Live Queries. But I uses CLP’s. I basically Disable all public get and write permissions for the class.

So In my new server I disable all class lever permissions, Its good to go right? No need for cache adapter?

What are the other use of cache adapter? Can you explain a little?

Edit: Now I thought parse server can keep CLP settings in database like it does with ACL’s. Am I right? Does parse server store permissions locally or in database?

Edit 2: I looked database and found out Class Level Permissions are stored in Shema collection.

So I think I dont need Cache adapter.
But Can you explain when should I use cache adapter?

When you have thousands of people connecting via LiveQuery (web sockets) and need to scale that out beyond one LiveQuery server. :slight_smile:

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