Documentation about 4 special built-in fields (objectId, createdAt, updatedAt, acl)

As in the JS SDK documentation, we have 4 special built-in fields (JavaScript Developers Guide | Parse)

I have a few questions to clarify

  1. May I know why can only be access by calling but not obj.get(‘objectId’). We have a reason why the id is converted to “objectId”? The reason for this is it is quite confused for me, I thought I can access object.objectId. So if we can not this in the documentation, it is really much appreciated
  2. I check from the source code, it seems like we can use “objectId”, “createdAt” and “updatedAt” as a normal key in Query

Under the hood, query.get(‘my-id’) is calling query.equal(‘objectId’, ‘my-id’), (Parse-SDK-JS/src/ParseQuery.ts at alpha · parse-community/Parse-SDK-JS · GitHub) so can I confirm that this is an expected behavior? And I wonder if we can document this in the official documentation?