Does Parse.Object.saveAll or pinAll download any Files if available?


I have a project and want to allow for offline usage due to lack of connectivity in some places. I have audio and image files in the project and want to save them offline. Is it possible with Parse.Object.saveAll or pinAll? If not anyone has any idea to approach that?

Thanks in advance,

I have a way about that , some idea.
For example,
You can write a General error handler to save part of code related to images or videos.
Check the internet connection if the error throwing for that. You can save objects in the cache check the cache with time intervals and check the connection inside of intervals and save again if it is saved you can remove it from the cache.

But does the saveAll or pinAll work with audio and image files? Or I need to create a downloader for those files?

Yes, it can work, whenever if don’t lose file data.