Does parse server use the babel to compile the source for production?


I googled and found not much info for this. And checked below, there is a .babelrc, assuming it is used for the compiling?

In my old project which is planning to migrate to parse server, we used esm, which is very lightweight, and makes ES6 support very easy. Not sure if anyone here has done the integration for esm ? Or is it possible?

By using the esm, it is no need for the compiling process any more: changing code, restarting node and the new code just works, which also makes the stack trace more accurate for the exception or error lines corresponding to the source code lines.

Just would like to hear the professional comments for parse server on this.

Thanks a lot.

Parse Server uses babel to build the source files into the lib files. When you install and require parse-server, you are actually requiring the lib files (which were already built). Therefore I see no reason why you cannot use esm (or babel or typescript) in your next project that depends on parse.

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