Email adapter configuration in AWS bitnami parse

I am really new to the parse server. I have setup bitnami parse server in the AWS. when I am trying to reset user password from the front end I am getting below error.
{"error":{"code":1,"message":"An appName, publicServerURL, and emailAdapter are required for password reset and email verification functionality."}}

I have followed some github documentation,

I did not find a place to add these suggested code.

const server = ParseServer({

  // Enable email verification
  verifyUserEmails: true,

  // Set email verification token validity to 2 hours
  emailVerifyTokenValidityDuration: 2 * 60 * 60,

  // Set email adapter
  emailAdapter: {
    module: 'example-mail-adapter',
    options: {
      // Additional adapter options

Can some one please suggest where to add these code. Please suggest a documentation or tutorial regarding this email adapter. Thank you in advance. Please redirect me to the correct place if I am posting this in the wrong place…

Hi @buddhika-senevirathn,

Yes, you’re getting that error because you need to configure an email adpater before you can send emails.

If you’re looking for a quick solution, maybe check out back4App as a hosted solution, so that you don’t really need to worry about this stuff.

I was previously using the parse-server-ses-sdk-adapter, but recently changed to the parse-server-api-mail-adapter, which has been brought into the parse community org (if I have my facts straight), so maintenance is less of a worry.

Here’s the way I configured the parse-server-ses-sdk-adapter:

emailAdapter: {
    module: "parse-server-ses-sdk-adapter",
    options: {
        format: config.mail.defaultFormat,
        fromAddress: config.mail.fromAddress,
        domain: config.AWS.sesVerifiedDomain,
        region: config.AWS.region

To configure parse-server-api-mail-adapter, you can checkout the repo - it’s all pretty self explanitory:

I hope this helps.