Enable live query as default for all new classes

Hello everyone!
I’ve just started using Back4app which is a parse server. I want to create a chat application and I need live queries. But you need to enable live query for every single new class you make in console. I want to create a class for every chat then querying to find messages will be faster. I mean I don’t want to have a single class and save all messages of all chats in it. But of course it’s not possible to enable live query for every new class so I need it to be enabled as default for all classes. Is it possible? Thanks in advance!

Hi Ali, welcome to the community :blush:

I don’t believe this is possible with Back4App or even with a self-hosted Parse Sever.

Unfortunately Parse Server does not have a way to update its settings on the fly and the Live Query classes are part of these settings. At Back4App, we can even deliver an endpoint for you to setup the live query for a new class programmatically but it would make your parse server instances to restart and the connected clients would have their connections dropped.

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