Enhancement: Extending Parse Schema Possible?

Hi, I have a Parse use case where the application schemas play a central role. I would like to inquire about being able to extend them? Anyone know if it is possible to do something like:

const options = {required:true, defaultValue:'x', option1:'a new option', option2:'another new option type'}
const schema = new Parse.Schema('MyClass');
schema.addField('field', options);

where further options (option1, option2) are bound to a schema field, extending it beyond the two (“valid options”) listed in the documentation: required and defaultValue.

The idea is that if schema field extensions are possible, without touching the Parse Server source, then it will be straightforward to do things like client-side data validation driven by a schema (metadata) model, without “baking” the configuration parameters into the UI.

TIA, Steve

I believe it’s not possible. But you can create another class or use Parse Config to store this additional data.

Thank you, I really appreciate the time savings!