Error 107 when trying to delete a row in classes

Hi members.
I’m getting error 107 when trying to delete an item in a class. I checked the docs for this error but I didn’t get the point. Can anyone explain what is the problem exactly and how can I fix this?

Just for records, adding and editing data is totally ok. It’s about deleting that has the problem.
And the other thing that is important, in my development server is ok. But in the production live server is not working right!
When I checked the Parse logs to see what’s happening, I saw this message:
cannot route DELETE /api/classes/Blog/Bpgb0X959p

What is the CLP that you have in place for this class? Do you have any other route you are mounting the same app that parse is running? Can you share the code that you are using to delete?

Thanks for your response.
I didn’t set any CLP for my classes unless it’s a default config.
ParseServer is running on /api and ParseDashboard is running on /admin.

And for deleting, I use this code:

await Parse.Object.destroyAll([object]);

But I tested it with PraseDashboard to delete manually and I got the same result.
I checked my network tab at Chrome, when I try to delete something, PraseDashboard request to But it throws the error for me with code 107.

It turns out if I try to delete a group of objects(rows) in ParseDashboard, it works! But, if I delete a single object, it requests to /batch and it fails with a 400 error code. And this is the response object:

{"code":107,"error":"cannot route DELETE /api/classes/CustomClass/Y7BICTFALL"}

Ok. We fixed this issue by setting the same URL for severUrl and publicServerUrl. I don’t know how, but it works fine!

Faced same issue.
But you solution doesn’t work for me, may be some advice?

Try this for the alternative solution:
{code: 107, error: “cannot route batch path /msz/parse/classes/PolicyMember/0sUkWLwujp”}