Error unauthorized when run Parse Server

Hi, noob here.

  • MacOs Monterrey.
  • node v16.15.0
  • Python 3.9.12
  • MongoDB shell version v5.0.7
  • MongoDB server version: 5.0.8


1. Go to
2. Click Get Started (Parse Server Guide | Parse)
3. Pasted into the Terminal

sh <(curl -fsSL

4. following the steps (app id, keys, etc…) until reaching:

Enter your mongodbURI (mongodb:// 

here I pressed enter without specifying any URI, no idea about mongo, I never used it before…
5. install mongodb-runner

npm install -g mongodb-runner

6. paste

mongodb-runner start
Starting a MongoDB deployment to test against...%  

7. npm start

npm start
parse-server running on http://localhost:1337/parse

checking the uri: http://localhost:27017/parse I got this message

It looks like you are trying to access MongoDB over HTTP on the native driver port.

when I check the http://localhost:1337/parse i can see the message:


My goal is to use Parse with Postgres using docker, after 2 days reading stuff and doing random testings, I was trying to do the Getting started guide and I can’t make it work… not sure about the versions of the Python/Mongo or what I am missing here…

any idea??

This is expected and it means your server is up and running. When you pass correct credentials or call the correct endpoint, you will see relevant response.

Hi uzaysan, you are right, I actually found this (Parse Server Unauthorized Error · Issue #127 · parse-community/parse-server · GitHub) also from 2016

I didn’t know ‘{“error”:“unauthorized”}’ displayed in the browser means it is working.