Fetch with login

Hi all,

Is there any way to do a fetchWithInclude but on the user class, specifically on logIn?

I’d like the pointer to be included in login, however I have to call .fetch currently.

Use case:

it('can login with fetch', async () => {
  const user = new Parse.User();
  const pointer = new Parse.Object('Test');
  await user.signUp();
  await Parse.User.logOut();
  await Parse.User.logIn('username','pass'); // any way to pass fields to fetch here?
  const current = Parse.User.current();
  expect(current.get('pointer').get('foo')).toEqual('bar'); // fails as pointer isn't fetched


I had the same idea a few years ago and made a PR.

I decided against it in favor of fetch with include. You can read about it here

Ahh, no worries. I love flo’s reply “Sorry but I really hate it :(” :joy:

Thank you @dplewis!

@dblythy this feature is supported on the GraphQL API ahaha :wink: