File uploads not working after migration to MongoDB

Hi all,

I have a Parse server that’s deployed on a Ubuntu VM which also ran a MongoDB instance, but last week I migrated the data to MongoDB Atlas. I can create, read and destroy data on the DB using Parse, but it can’t handle file files. I’ve tried uploading a file directly from the Parse Server dashboard and from my web app connected to Parse but I always get a timeout (524) error if I use the dashboard and a generic CORS one if I use my web app.


Any ideas why this could be happening? Like I mentioned above, it all worked just fine before I migrated to Atlas and now everything except for file uploads works.

Many thanks.

What’s the file adapter that you are using on your Parse Server instance?

I haven’t configured any file adapters, so it should use the GridStoreAdapter if I understand correctly.

Yes. GridStoreAdapter stores the files in the database. Do you have a large amount of files? If yes, and because you are getting timeout, you are probably missing indexes. When you did the migration, did you also migrate the indexes, or only the data? A possible solution could be verifying the indexes you had on the previous instance and copying them to the new database.