Getting _failed_login_count in cloud code

I’m trying to access the _failed_login_count using the masterKey in cloud code, and I am not able to do it. I have tried using “user.get(’_failed_login_count’)” and “user.get(‘failedLoginCount’)” and neither of those get the count I can see in that field in MongoDB Compass.

I also found that I cannot see the failed attempts in the Parse Dashboard, so I’m guessing this is a protected field somehow? Is there a way to get access to the failed login attempts on the user object?

How could not you reach these fields in dashboard? Without MasterKey ?

Thank you for responding @rgunindi. I am using MasterKey in my cloud code when I try to get the “_failed_login_count” field data. However, nothing gets returned.

I’m not sure what you mean about the dashboard. I have the dashboard set up so I can view all the data in our system, and the MasterKey is set in the “parse-dashboard-config.json” file.

if you see data with parse-dashboard, you should reach data in your app. Because parse using same api

That’s what I thought too, but I’m not seeing any the “_failed_login_count” field in the dashboard, and I can’t query that data in cloud code. Or I should say, when I query it in cloud code, the data I know exists in that field is not returned.

If you prepare a test environment and push the github i will clone it and I will check the problem. You should put the enough code for test requirements