How can I configure the Push Adapter? Example is out of date

In the past, I had to include a separate package, parse-server-push-adapter Do I need to still do this? Push Quickstart suggests not?

Or do I need to include it the same way I did the smtp adapter.

  // The Parse Simple SMTP mail adapter - start
  emailAdapter: {
    module: "simple-parse-smtp-adapter",
    options: {
        fromAddress: mailFromAddress,
        user: mailUser,

Something like

push: {
    module: "@parse/push-adapter",
    options: {
      ios: {
        token: {
          key:  pushIosAppleP8FilePath,
          keyId: pushIosKeyId,
          teamId: pushIosTeamId // The Team ID for your developer account
        topic: pushIosTopic, // The bundle identifier associated with your app
        production: pushIosProduction
      // Add Android Options here.

Answered my own question. Looks like I don’t need to include module / options. The parse-server-push-adapter gets called by cloud code with the simple config in quick start. IGNORE the sample at the push adapter git readme.