How can I count or view all unsaved objects?

I am using the saveEvenutally method in my app since it has a particular use case where it can drop on and offline intermittently while still creating a lot of objects. Once the connection is restored, the objects are all uploaded automatically. Is there a way to know (on the client of course) how many of these unsaved objects are still on the client app any one time?

I’ve never tried to do that but maybe you could check the ones that do not have creation date yet?

That’s a good idea, I will try it out. But where will I find them? Will a regular query include local items that are not saved yet? Will the query even succeed since there will (by definition) be no connectivity at the time of the check?

I guess they can be found in the local datastore: iOS Developers Guide | Parse

For sure, if you pin them, you will find them there: iOS Developers Guide | Parse