How can I set REQUEST_ATTEMPT_LIMIT or another request params for cloud functions?

Options for does not include something similar.

It is actually a general setting for all api calls. When initializing the SDK, you can use something like this:

 Parse.CoreManager.set('REQUEST_ATTEMPT_LIMIT', 1); 

Thank you.
BTW, must IDEMPOTENCY work with IdempotencyOptions on server or it is self-sustained within client?

I haven’t had the chance to use the feature yet but I understand that you need to setup in both sides.

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That is correct. Idempotency must be enabled client side (to send the request ID) and server side (to process the request ID). Note that as of today, the idempotency feature is still experimental and only available for clients that use the Javascript SDK. You can find the docs here and “behind the scenes” details here.

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