How could I predefine my schemas in the parse server cloud side?

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For the fields part, is it conform to the JSON Schema specification as shown at below link? Thanks a lot.

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Just would like to know the schema difference between the parse server and the, or they are just the same or similar?

If they are the same, we could easily use tools to extract the json schema from the json sample data (like Best JSON to Jsonschema Converter or Free Online JSON to JSON Schema Converter), which is a big plus for parse server.

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I am not familiar to json-schema, but Parse Server has its own schema and I guess they are probably different.

Hi @davimacedo ,

Thanks for reply. They are different while seems quite similar. Json-schema is the standard specification in this area to some extent, there are some tool chains already, like:

Just some idea: if parse server could adapted to support json-schema, many open source projects could be helpful out of the box to make parse server version 5 to be more stronger and easy to use.

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Hello, @sadortun

How about the unique indexes implementation now? Thanks a lot.

We plan to implement unique indexes soon too.

It’s still something we want to add, but we don’t have any specific date for now.

Is there any way we can implement unique indexing, or is there any workaround available?

Hi @RahulLanjewar93 ,

This feature is now supported by Parse Server. Documentation is not merged, i see that you commented the PR.

I’m posting the PR link here if anyone wants to use this feature : docs: add defined schema docs by Moumouls · Pull Request #863 · parse-community/docs · GitHub

An example from a personal repo: parse-next-mono-starter/server.ts at master · Moumouls/parse-next-mono-starter · GitHub

@xeoshow also if you are interested by the feature :slight_smile: