How do I convert response into array to populate iOS swift viewController?

func tasksUserTo2(word: String)
PFCloud.callFunction(inBackground: “userTotasks”, withParameters: [“username”: word]) { (response, error) → Void in
if error == nil {
print(response ?? “no value returned”)

    } else {
        print(error?.localizedDescription ?? "")


Here is the format that I get with print(response):

<PFUser: 0x600001db5380, objectId: apu3UfAqw1, localId: (null)> {

ACL = “<PFACL: 0x600003593800>”;

names = “Muadi Ilung”;

username = “[email protected]”;


Do you want an array of PFUser ?

I have discovered that I have to iterate through response to feel the array that should be consumed by view controller.