How do i see sent notification in PARSE

Hello, I sent push notification in broadcast to everyone.
I have almost 900K token and some of them said me that they didn’t receive the notification. Is there a way to see how much notification I sent?

Have you tried to inspect your Push Status collection inside mongodb?

Davi’s suggestion to look at your Push Status collection is a good start for investigation.

In addition, with such a large amount of tokens different considerations apply for you than for someone who is processing only a few hundred tokens. There are mechanisms like rate limits on a total amount of request basis, but also on a per device basis.

What you want to do is:

  • (a) Make sure you clean out invalid tokens. Parse Server does a pretty good job identifying invalid Google FCM tokens, but not so much for Apple APNS tokens - which depends on the service provider. So you may have do get creative and look for other ways to identify them.
  • (b) Send in batches over a longer period of time.
  • (c) Mix the token order up to minimize the risk that you try to send many push notifications to the same device. After you send a large amount of pushes to invalid tokens of a device (because the user uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it), then even valid tokens will be rejected for a while as a temporary restriction.

These are just some of the - rather opaque - rules of push service providers that can throttle you and can cause users not to receive push notifications.

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Tanks guys.
I checked the token and I do not have duplicate one (only few).
So I have to send about 900K notification.
On firebase results only 270K notification sent that day.
So maybe there was a problem on PARSE server (I didn’t’ found anything on logs)
The solution as you suggest is to schedule a JOB but I don’t know how :slight_smile:
I saw in the console that there is the possibility to schedule a “Cloud Jobs”
I’ll check on docs.
Thank you.