How to call the services from server like from frontend

Hi, all :wave:

I see we can call the parse server Rest API from frontend.
Well, my problem is that I have to do the same action from backend, I mean in parse-server itself.

Please anyone lets me know how to do that in parse-server.
I think it can be done using ParseServer object but not sure how to do it exactly.


Here, What I mean is we can call the rest apis of parse server from frontend like path https://localhost:1337/parse/new..., but I have to call the same service in backend (parse-server) as well.

So please let me know how to do this.
Thanks. Regards.

You might want to do that using cloud code functions: Cloud Code Guide | Parse

Really thanks for your answer, @davimacedo.
So could you attach the simple sample cloud code for me which adds new row in any database table?

Parse.Cloud.define('someFunctionName', async () => {
  const obj = new Parse.Object('SomeClassName');
  obj.set('someFieldName', ' some value');

Really appreciate your help. :+1: