How to create global filter

Hi team,
IIs there any text search across multiple fields?
I have attached UI and Class schema SS .
Where do I want to provide a single search box to fetch records which is similar or satisfied search value from multiple fields on the table ?
also my table(Class) contains different types of fields if I want to query as in SQL where we use LIKE Operator (eg . WHERE CustomerName LIKE ‘a%’) on multiple fields.
what do I need to do ? as for string column there is methods like start with or fulltext so what I need to do in case of other types

Or Do I need to convert all my columns into string types?
please suggest the easiest way to achieve this functionality in the PARSE way.

You can use Full Text Search for that, and, when creating the text search index, you can add multiple fields.

But fullText() search only work on string attribute / fields
Will it work on type date and number as well?
What can we do for or can you provide examples to do fullText search across multiple fields ( which are having different types like date number and string etc).?

alsoI tried noraml search but it not working

let descQuery = new Parse.Query(“CodeMst”)
descQuery.fullText(‘desc’,‘new’ );
await descQuery.find().then((res)=>{
here desc is string field
return no records fulltext not working even on single field , if there in mistake in understanding please correct me

You can select one of the fields to send in the queries. But, when creating the full text index on MongoDB, you can choose multiple fields. You will have to connect directly to mongodb to create the index. You can take a look at this mongodb guide: