How to install parse and mongogb on sites like 000webhosting, that provide free hosting

I am working on this android project that needs parse. However since i am a student, i do not have a credit or debit card to validate my account on sites likes aws or heroku. I found sites like 000webhosting also provide free tier services without any credit/debit card verification, how can i install parse and mongodb on 000webhosting?

For mongodb, you can use their official service. MongoDb atlas provides free database with 512 mb memory and shared ram,cpu. For parse server you need either root access or nodejs. But sites like 000webhosting doesn’t provide root access and their service is generally PHP. Not NodeJs. So you can’t install parse server to them.

İf you have credit card you can deploy parse server to heroku for free but you say you don’t have it.

I recommend you to use free version of back4app or sashido. Back4app gives you free parse server for unlimited time. And sashido gives you 14 days free trial.

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For your project, Back4App will do the job perfectly. @davimacedo does your company have an extended plan for student projects?

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Back4App free tier should be enough for studying purposes but reach out the chat in the case you hit the limits. Also the Back4App Database Hub has extended limits in the case that you are building something that has no sensitive data and can be shared to the community.

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