How to query an object key in an array

I am looking to query on an array of objects using the Parse Javascript SDK, finding matches on one of these objects’ properties based on an array of values I provide.

To explain: I have a Parse object containing an array column. This array in an array of non-Parse objects. As an example, this is the type of data I store:
{ objectId: ‘xyxyxyxyx’,
tags: [
{“name” : “love”, “auto” : true},
{“name” : “war”, “auto” : false}

I wish to query whether the tags property matches with an array of tag names I pass in. To demonstrate, here is a pseudo-code example:

var query = new Parse.Query('Songs');
query.containedIn('', ['love', 'war']);


query.equalTo(‘’, [‘love’, ‘war’]);

This should work, does using masterkey help ?