How to set the rest api key

hello ,
Previously, the rest Api provided by the platform was used to add, delete, modify and query databases.
Now you have built your own parse service to operate the database.
One thing is not clear: the platform built by others will provide rest api keys, but I can use the appid and header to operate the database. Is this safe?
Do I need to add restapiKey? If yes, how can I add it.
It is wrong for me to add this on the command line:
parse-server --appId XXX --masterKey CCCC —restApiKey AAAA --databaseURI mongodb:// --serverURL &

Prompt me that restApiKey is an invalid parameter…
Where is the restApiKey to be configured?
Do you have to configure restApiKey for restapis

Try --restAPIKey AAAA, it does not add so much in terms of security though and one should not only rely on keys for most of the use-cases, but actually protect the data using ACL and CLP.