📖 How to start contributing to Parse Server

I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to a fantastic blog post written by @dblythy that we published today. We know that contributing to Parse Server can seem daunting so in this post Daniel takes us step by step through his process for a recent contribution.

:open_book: Check it out - How to start contributing to Parse Server

We hope this post will help encourage those of you who have ideas about how to improve Parse Server or would like to take a stab at fixing a bug but may not be familiar with the process or the Parse codebase.

After all we can only move forward as a community with new contributors bringing their ideas to the table and taking up the mantle.

If you have any questions about contributing to Parse Server, big or small - reply to this post :raised_hands:


Thank you @Tom. What I tried to highlight is:

  1. Contributing to Parse was hard for me at first. It will be a challenge for you too, but the core team will help you through it. In fact, Diamond helped me out by writing tests and docs for my first major feature (beforeConnect and beforeSubscribe cloud calls). It’s okay to ask for help or pointers.

  2. Contributing to Parse can be extremely rewarding. Seeing features you’ve worked on be used and appreciated by the community is an honour. It’s also a very good way to improve your coding skills and learn some new things, such as testing, coverage, or new ES features. And, implementing them on your Parse Server is cool too.