How to unit test Parse

I just got into Android development and I want to test my interaction between server and Android client. However, Parse needs additional setup before I can test anything (Initialize Parse in a custom class that extends Application and register it in AndroidManifest.xml). How can I do that? Thank you.
Example code I want to test test/java/.../UserUnitTest.kt:

class UserUnitTest{
    fun getUserFromBlog() {
        val queryBlog = ParseQuery.getQuery<ParseObject>("Blog")
        val blog = queryBlog.get("someBlogId")
        val author = blog.getParseUser("user")
        assertNotEquals(null, author)

I am not expert in Android unit tests, but the Parse.initialize() function does not need to be called inside an Application class. I believe you can call it in the beginning of your tests.