How to use beanstalk cli to run parse server locally?

How could I run parse server locally using beanstalk cli command line with all environment variables? Has anyone here tried this?

It seems to me that beanstalk cli only provides “eb local run” command to run an application in a docker environment.

If I just want to run the parse server in a node.js application and I don’t want to use docker, is there a way to run the parse server locally?

Moreover, if I use “eb setenv key=value” to set environment variables, when I run parse server locally, could I run parse server with all the preset environment variables.

I just want to test parse server locally with the environment variables before I upload it to a Beanstalk server.


Why don’t you just run it in Visual Studio Code and set the env vars in a launch file?

Great idea! I usually don’t use Visual Studio Code, so I don’t know it has this feature. Let me give it a try. Thanks