I am not able to login

Hi there, for the past few days I am trying to make login/logout with parse-server

I am starting from this parse server example: GitHub - parse-community/parse-server-example: Example of Parse Server using the express framework.
the onlything I did was put this line inside cloud/main.js

await import('./login.js');

the login route works, but I am unable to login

here is my login.js file

Parse.Cloud.define("login", async (req) => {
console.log("Username: " + req.params.username);
console.log("Password: " + req.params.password);
    if (!req.params.username || req.params.username === "") {
        throw "username not provided.";

    if (!req.params.password || req.params.password === "") {
        throw "password not provided.";

    try {
        const user = await Parse.User.logIn(req.params.username, req.params.password);
        return user;
    } catch (error) {
        const errorMessages = {
            101: "Something went wong, probably username does not exists.",
            // Adicione mais traduções de mensagens de erro conforme necessário

        const errorCode = error.code || 0;
        const translatedError = errorMessages[errorCode] || "Error.";

        throw new Parse.Error(errorCode, translatedError);

but I always get this back

    "code": 101,
    "error": "Invalid username/password."

I would exept at least to get username and passwrod inside my console, but nothing is printed exept the same error I get inside my postmane

My end goal is to make maself user login/register/logout with graphql like I talked here: Parse server login with protected /graphql route

but I am very slowly getting there