I can not query all records in my class

Hi, I have a class with lots of records.
When I query this class to get all records, it only returns 100 items (less or more).
But I want all of its records.

What is the solution for this and how can I achieve it?

By default, results are limited to 100. In the old Parse hosted backend, the maximum limit was 1,000, but Parse Server removed that constraint.

You must set a limit and can also use skip, in case you have more than 1K objects.

For additional info, check here: JavaScript Developers Guide | Parse

Playing with limit is a temporary fix. If you need to get ALL objects in a class you should use Parse.Query.each

Use the JavaScript SDK in a node app. Parse.Query.each() will allow you to extract every single object that matches a query. You can use date constraints to make sure the query only matches data that has been updated since you last ran this app. Your node app can write this data to disk for offline analysis.

Be careful since getting all record of a large collection may lead to RAM issues :slight_smile:

Depending on your case you would either use a pagination approach (using limit+skip as suggested before; or using eachBatch) or by using findAll to fetch all data at once.