I'm not really sure how to properly update my parse server

Hello. I’m currently using this solution multiple-apps-parse-server for my 3 parse apps on mongodb v3.6.23, which is kind of dead. I’d like to backup all my data, and install parse-dashboard and parse-server. I’m not really sure how to do it properly, i don’t wanna lose my data :confused: There’s no support of this old app and I keep getting more and more problems with my parse app

I’m not really sure how to do it properly, i don’t wanna lose my data

Not sure what your specific challenges are, but I’ll try.

The multiple-apps-parse-server repo you are using currently seems to be unmaintained. The last commit there was 5 years ago. I haven’t looked at what it does, but you may consider reviewing whether this needs any upgrade and is still compatible with Parse Server 5. Looking at package.json, it seems to depend on Parse Sever 2.x, which is also not officially supported anymore.

If you decide to stick with multiple-apps-parse-server, you could clone the repo, change the dependencies to a newer Parse Server and Parse Dashboard version, deploy a new environment, test it and then swap the environments, while keeping the same database.

You’d also need to upgrade the database to MongoDB 4.x, which is the minimum required version for Parse Server 5. Alternatively, you could first migrate to Parse Server 4 which supports MongoDB 3.6 and 4.0, then upgrade MongoDB to 4.0, then migrate to Parse Server 5. Keep in mind that Parse Server 4 will become officially unsupported on Jan 1st 2023 and not receive any updates anymore.

There was a migration guide for Parse Server 2 to 3. It should be somewhere in the Parse Server git history. That may help you to convert any Cloud Code that you have.

Thanks for answer, I finally bought a new server, installed there Alma linux 8, Node.js 18, MongoDB 6 and newest parse-server and parse-dashboard. I managaed to migrate and run my app from older version. Now i wonder if there’s possibility to run couple apps on one file system. I cloned my file system from there: parse-server-example I use PM2 to run my app.

I asked a question on Stackoverflow, with more details